A new look at racing

In the April issue of Equus magazine, there was an article on Kerry Thomas, who’s using herd behavior/psychology to bring out the best in performance horses.  I found the article intriguing and put Mr. Thomas’s book on my wishlist.

Coincidentally, a friend emailed me the following link: http://kentuckyconfidential.com/2012/04/30/introduction-thomas-analyzes-the-2012-kentucky-derby-field/  I was surprised to find Mr. Thomas again.  After reading this new article I went to his website: The Thomas Herding Technique to check it out.  There is a lot of great information there – thought provoking.  And it would be absolutely fantastic if Thoroughbred trainers would adopt his method.  Certainly the horses would have a better life and be happier!

I have also put  a link to his site under the Links section of the blog.






2 Responses to A new look at racing

  • Krickett says:

    It is interesting to see which trainers understand the horse. In Mr. Thomas’ interview with John Sheriffs, Mr. Sheriffs
    he knew long ago about horses and herd behavior and that although we have “specialized” horses, they are still horses. And how lucky for Mr. Thomas to meet Zenyatta. Hope you find this link interesting

  • Maureen says:

    My internet connection is extremely slow and I haven’t gotten to watch the video with John Shirrefs, but I did watch the first part of the one with Bob Baffert and it seemed he really has no idea about herds and herd behavior. His answers to Mr. Thomas’ questions were not on point.

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