Great racehorse story!

Dawn Willoughby wrote about Chance on the Easy Care blog, and today a comment was posted with the following link, and the question did I think being barefoot gave Vo Rogue an advantage?

Vo Rogue dies at 28

Vo Rogue raced barefoot in Australia.  He won 26 races from 83 starts and earned $3.1 million!  From the description of him as dirty, I’m guessing that he also lived out.  He looks pretty happy in the photo – which I also think is a factor.

Unfortunately, his trainer died in 1994, 3 years after Vo Rogue retired, so there’s no contacting him to ask questions.

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  • HazardWR says:

    I always think that about the great racehorses who weren’t so lucky. This is going back quite a bit, but Secretariat was put to sleep due to an issue with his hoof. I’d like to know what the issue was, as it seemed a bit of a waste to euthanise him over a hoof problem when something possibly could have been done, however I guess that’s the way with many racehorses – even when retired.

  • Maureen says:

    Secretariat was euthanized due to laminitis. Which is heartbreaking as laminitis is avoidable – he was overweight and out during the day on the lush grass of Paris, Kentucky. Not only is it avoidable, but now barefoot trimmers know it is totally curable.

    And I will say that many horses still are put down in Kentucky (and around the country) for laminitis and founder, because of the closed-minded of veterinarians, and the lack of knowledge of farriers.

  • Gay says:

    Vo Rogue was in fact never allowed to race bare, so Vic used ‘tips’ on him for all his starts. The latter died of the dreaded Hendra virus, thought to be transmitted via bats, unfortunately picked up by some of his horses & eventually by Vic as no one knew then how deadly the disease is.

  • Maureen says:

    I wondered about the tips, as I know you guys have to use them. Sorry to hear that Vic’s death was premature.

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