This year Thanksgiving was truly a day of thanks.

Every year I am thankful to have a place to live -  and basic comforts.  I am grateful for my horses and for my dog Cynthiana, and my cat Sissy.  I am grateful my sons are healthy and doing well, and that they care about their mother.  I take none of it for granted.  However this year has been a difficult one for me, and just when it became very hard to bear, a miracle occurred.  I have posted that I bought a farm, but I did not post how that came to happen.  Here is the story:

I was on my couch reading a book by Deepak Chopra.  In the middle of reading a page, what I call my ‘little voice’ prompted me to put an ad on craigslist looking for a new place to rent.  I scoffed at first – I had already done that 2 or 3 times and had no response whatsoever.  However, having learned very painfully to trust these promptings, I put the book aside, went to the computer, and placed an ad.  Basically I said I was a mature woman looking for a place to retire with her horses, and said if anyone had a farm to rent, or space on their farm, please contact me.  Imagine my surprise when I got several responses.  Timing is everything.  But the best surprise was that one response was from a man who said he had 75 acres that he would sell me for $175,000, with owner financing.  How tempting!  But I emailed him back and told him I had no cash to put down.  He said that was not a problem – $2,000 would be needed but that was all. At that point I became hopeful, but I had not seen the property yet.  I knew from my travels that some property is literally just the side of a hill.  Or it could have been completely wooded. Or completely wrong in any number of ways.  I got directions and drove down to look.  As you approach, the road goes around a turn and looks down on the farm.  Right at that point I knew it was right.  I had been told it was on a dead end – with only one property beyond it.  And so it was.  It sits in what is virtually a private valley, and extends uphill to the north and west.  And there, in front of me, was the perfect field for galloping!

In any event, my son lent me the money and here I am.  If that is not a miracle I don’t know what is.

And if that was not enough, less than 2 weeks after moving to the farm I was offered the two mares, Tiz Life and More Oysters, for what I call my Mare Rejuvenation Project.  (See for details.)

An added bonus – there was a man renting a trailer down at the end of the property who owns a tractor and is willing to work and help out.

How quickly things can change.


View of farm on north side of the road 10-26-11

View of farm on north side of the road 10-26-11

View of farm on south side of the road 10-26-11

View of farm on south side of the road 10-26-11


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