In Memory of Threeforks River
In Memory of Threeforks River
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The Herd

Roxanna - Mustang 2000
Huey - Paint 1996
Lucy - Paint 2003
Bettina - TB 1988
More Oysters - TB 2004
Tiz Life - TB 2005
Just Like Zola - TB 2008
Money Talkin - TB 2003
Shadow - WB 1998
Bohemian Princess - TB 2010
Southern Sweet Tea - TB 2006
And OZ - TB 2014

Ponying Troubles

Well, while Oz’s first ponying lesson went well, the second did not.

It became clear pretty soon that Chance has decided he didn’t like Oz so close to him.  He didn’t do anything “bad”, but he would make a face and Oz would stop and refuse to lead up.  Well, you can’t pony a statue!  I did keep trying and by some loss of attention on my part, the lead rope found its way under Chance’s tail!  Chance tossed his head and gave a tiny crow hop.  I looked back and saw the rope under his tail and realized I was in trouble.

To Chance’s credit, he really only did tiny crow hops and I thought I’d have no trouble riding it out.  I was really determined to stay on, as Oz had managed to get over on the left side of Chance (I had dropped his lead rope in the hope it would come loose from Chance’s tail). I knew if I fell off it would right in front of Oz.  Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t seem to stay on and did fall off to the left side, right in front of Oz.  I have to give a lot of credit to him.  He didn’t actually step on me at all, he did hit me with his feet as I had not even finished falling before he was on me.  He hit the parts that were still in the air, my arms and back, and did hit the inside of my left hip a glancing blow.  Nothing serious, thankfully!

When I got up I realized why I hadn’t been able to stay on.  The end of the lead rope had found its way to the crook of my left elbow, and literally pulled me out of the saddle, giving me a big rope burn in the process.

I landed on my left hip, on ground as hard as concrete, so the hip got the double whammy.  It was a great test of my bone density!  And it turned out to be good, nothing broken.  At 65 I consider myself to be very lucky.

Now that I’m all better, it’s on to Plan B.  Since Chance has said no to the job, I’m going to try my Paint mare, Lucy, as the pony.  She’s friends with Oz, and they get loose every night together.  They come to my door as the sun is coming up and let me know it’s feed time and they know where I live.   I’m hoping it works out.  But it will have to wait until the weather is cooler and the giant horse flies (immune to repellent) are gone.

Lucy and Oz at the door

Lucy (left) and Oz at my door.  Does it get any cuter than that?

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