In Memory of Threeforks River
In Memory of Threeforks River
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Oz’s first ponying lesson

I planned to do it this morning, and despite the fact that is was very humid, I did it. I had already put it off several times. Not only was it Oz’s first lesson, it was also the first time Chance (aka Money Talkin) has ever ponied a horse. I was really hoping it would go okay, as ponying is a large part of the Kikkuli Method.

First I saddled Chance and tied him to the trailer with a halter over his bridle (bitless LG Bridle). Then I tied Oz to the horse trailer with a slip knot. I untied and mounted Chance, and of course, by then Oz had turned so that he was standing blocking his lead rope. I have to say here that Chance really is such a good horse, he has proven that on the trail and now he’s proven it again. To move Oz out of the way, I asked Chance to walk into him and he did. After a couple tries we got Oz turned the right way and I grabbed the rope and pulled it free. I turned Chance left and Oz followed along behind. Hard part over!

We walked along, with Oz walking behind Chance, not what I would have preferred, and not the way it’s done at the track, but good enough. And actually, on the trail, it would be handy to have him walk behind. Chance was very good and didn’t even think about kicking or trying to avoid Oz. Oz stopped a few times, but Chance stopped quickly enough that I didn’t have to drop the rope. In fact, Chance really seemed to get what I was trying to do, and I praised him frequently. I praised Oz too, because he was very calm and relaxed and didn’t try to play with or nip Chance.

It went so well, that after about a quarter mile we were done. It was very hot and humid, even though it was only 8 in the morning, and it had gone so well, I wanted to end on a good note. I untacked Chance and turned both horses loose, praised them again, and gave them a little bit of grain as a reward.

Big relief!

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