In Memory of Threeforks River
In Memory of Threeforks River
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The Herd

Roxanna - Mustang 2000
Huey - Paint 1996
Lucy - Paint 2003
Bettina - TB 1988
More Oysters - TB 2004
Tiz Life - TB 2005
Just Like Zola - TB 2008
Money Talkin - TB 2003
Shadow - WB 1998
Bohemian Princess - TB 2010
Southern Sweet Tea - TB 2006
And OZ - TB 2014

The Experiment is Canceled

After several years of reading The Paulick Report, and having been at the track in previous years, I have come to the realization that racing will not change in my lifetime.  It is full of people indiscriminately using not only “therapeutic” drugs, but also performance enhancing drugs.   Anything I could accomplish, even if Oz made $20 million, it would change nothing.  Oz would be considered a freak and I’m sure many would think he would have made even more $$ if he had been trained in the “traditional” way.

I have no desire to risk a horse’s life for virtually nothing.  Racing is not a pleasant sport and most horses do not like it.  The fact that they do it, is just because they are horses.  They put up with what people ask or demand of them, be it harsh bits, whips, spurs, etc.

I am 66 and plan to spend the rest of my life relaxing and enjoying it – and my horses.    They have a good life and are happy.  When they are happy, I’m happy.

Here are some of the herd, here in Taos.  Others were standing behind me and were always too close to take photos.

Lena, Shadow, Southern Sweet Tea. Background Maura (More Oysters)

From right to left Zola, Lena, Shadow, Southern Sweet Tea. Background Maura (More Oysters) July 14, 2017

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